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Amplify's One Chip Challenge takes red-hot spice trend to the extreme Amplify Snack Brands caused a stir with its One Chip Challenge, which dared consumers to film themselves eating a giant tortilla chip made with the world’s hottest chili pepper, according to Food Business News . The campaign saw Amplify's Carolina Reaper Madness Chips sell out in just 30 minutes online — and within days in stores — as consumers rushed to buy the $5 chips, which are individually packaged in coffin-shaped boxes. Amplify's website gained one billion

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Yet, whey and casein proteins are both derived from dairy so people who are lactose intolerant may have a difficult time digesting them. Soy is a potential allergen and a majority of the soy in the United States has been genetically modified, which can be a health concern. Pea, rice and hemp are not complete proteins so are best used to supplement other sources of whole-food protein instead of as a meal replacement. Nothing is wrong with supplementing a balanced diet with the occasional smoothie that

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Trimona Bulgarian organic whole milk yogurt is not strained like Greek yogurt (the whey stays in), and has a lighter, but creamier texture If Bulgarian yogurt is still well below the radar of most Americans, growing numbers of shoppers are looking for organic, grass-fed and whole milk products in the dairy aisle, and Trimona ticks all three boxes, says founder Atanas Valev, who has just secured shelf space at Sprouts nationwide and unveiled new packaging and flavors.  “We’ve always used grass fed whole milk but now we’re seeing a lot of brands adding whole milk lines because it’s suddenly on-trend,

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Does it matter if your whey is raw? Well, there might be higher amounts of certain substances like alpha lactalbumin and immunoglobulins, ingredients that are good for the baby cows that drink milk — they’re linked to brain growth and immune strength. They probably don’t make a huge difference when you’re talking about a scoop of whey but a lot of people, particularly Paleo folks, like all their dairy to be raw so this will have some extra appeal to them. I should also point out that this is a whey isolate, meaning it’s very low

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